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In the heart of Southeast Asia lies a hidden jewel of an atoll, a tranquil haven far removed from the frenetic pace of urban life. This diminutive yet captivating islet, overlooked by tourism until today, has managed to retain its original purity and calm, a bastion of breathtaking beauty and serenity. Its isolation belies the convenience of access, a mere hour's journey from the east coast of Malaysia.

Nestled within this quiet green and white little oasis, discerning revelers discover a harmonious blend of wild escapade and refined comfort. Isolated strands and virgin terrains provide a treasure chest of sheer peace, whilst the sophisticated facilities of the island's lovely resort offer lavishness and pampering in the midst of raw natural beauty.

This stunning retreat offers more than a mere visit; it serves as an enviable vacation destination for those in pursuit of an escape from the mundane. Each instant here is a journey of amazement and discovery, celebrating the splendour of an unaltered environment and the charm of a private hidden getaway.

Encircled by the aquamarine vastness of the sea, an intimate sanctuary stands, shielded from the tumult of progress and crowds. And it lies at your fingertips before you.

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Anambas Inn


January 1 - December 31