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Anambas and Eureka Snacks, A Perfect Combo

Anambas is a hidden gem situated in Indonesia, to be precise, the Riau province, adjacent to Singapore. The chain of stunning atolls that collectively make up The Anambas represents a perfect holiday destination for those looking for a serene and peaceful getaway. Pulau Siantan, one of the 2 main Anambas islands, can be reached by plane to Pulau Jemaja from Batam and Bintan, followed by a water taxi or ferry ride to Siantan.

Once you're either in Letung or Tarempa, the main village of each island respectively, getting around is a breeze, as there are plenty of options available, including pompongs, i.e. local diesel-operated vessels, and more contemporary speedboats.

Booking Early
When planning your trip to Anambas, it's important to book your tickets and lodgings in advance, especially during the busier tourist season, from March to November, the latter which is when the wet season starts. During the dry months, tourists from around the world come to the lovely castaway islands Anambas offers, so it's best to have your arrangements secured to avoid disappointment. It's not that there's a huge influx of visitors so much, but given the modest number of available rooms, capacity is rather underwhelming.

In short, it's best to book your tickets and rooms online early, since it gives you a good chance to beat the summer wave. Obviously, by booking online, you can also compare prices and find the best deals available.

While the dry season is a great time to visit Anambas, it's good to know that the months of December to February constitute the monsoon season. This is the wet spell, bringing heavy rains and strong winds. Unless you have a preference for inclement weather, this may not be the best time for visiting Anambas. That said, the islands still offer plenty of indoor attractions and activities to enjoy, so yeah, it's not a total bust.

Stay Hydrated and Bring a Snack
One of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling is to bring enough water and a nice and tasty snack with you, so you don't get dehydrated or peckish, which can lead to low energy levels and nodding just when things get interesting. Best avoid this scenario. A great snack to bring along is Eureka Snacks, pretty much a local product, since it's from Malaysia.

Eureka Snacks are wildly popular in these parts, the reason being their wholesome ingredients and the fact that they're manufactured without the use of transfats, GMOs or even preservatives! Not to mention their insanely delicious flavours. In fact, Eureka Snacks, known as a gourmet snack, offers over 20 different flavours, with Cheese and Pizza being the clear favorites, followed by Butterscotch and Caramel flavours. Eureka Snacks are packed in light-weight, easy to pack containers, another reason they're the ideal travel companion.

How to get Eureka Snacks
Now, for those who'd like to order Eureka Snacks online, simply visit www.eurekasnacks.com/shops.html. If you prefer to buy from a physical shop, there's www.eurekasnacks.comavailable.html and www.eurekasnacks.com/snackbars.html to explore.

So, if you're still hunting for an exciting holiday destination unlike any other, Anambas is a super-alluring, still virtually untouched and seriously serene collection of sanctuary islands, just perfect if you're interested in a peaceful getaway at the edge of the world. Remoteness notwithstanding, thanks to plenty of transportation options, getting to Anambas is rather feasible nowadays. Better yet, there are a ton of leisure activities to enjoy there.

Bottom-line, Anambas really should be on everybody's bucket-list, especially in light of the fact that throw-back places like this are a dying breed. Just remember to book your tickets and accommodations in advance and always bring water and a tasty snack with you. Anambas boleh :)

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