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Flight to Anambas

There is a single flight to Anambas, Pulau Matak to be exact. The plane departs from Pulau Bintan every Monday and Saturday, returning to Bintan about an hour after touching down in Matak.

Incidentally, the plane only seats a few dozen passengers, so it makes sense to book your tickets in advance.

The flight time is about one hour, so if your holiday isn't that long, then it's best to opt for this instead of the ferry to Anambas.

That being said, do keep in mind that, luggage allowance is just 10 kg. So if you're a windsurfer or a kite-boarder and you're bringing your equipment to Anambas, then the ferry is a better choice.

If you're in Singapore and you're not sure how to get to Pulau Bintan, you can take a ferry to Bintan. This crossing takes about 2 hours. Alternatively, if you're in Jakarta, then there are quite a few domestic planes that go to BintanAnd an off , a short hop.

For more info on the flight to Anambas, including the ticket price, departure time, click flight to anambas.


Book your hotel or resort room online now and save up to 50%!