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Ferry to Anambas

If you're the adventurous type with a longing for spending time exploring uncharted territories, followed by endless lounging in a retreat oasis, then Amazing Anambas may just be for you.

How do you get to Anambas? Well, you can reach Anambas by sea and by air.

If you're not in a hurry, then the ferry is the transport mode of choice. There are currently two ferry companies that ply the waters to Anambas. One ferry departs from Bintan and the other from Batam. Whilst able to sail at a respectable 20-25 knots or so, depending on conditions, each ferry still takes about 7 to 10 hours to reach Anambas. So bring a book or have your cellphone stocked with plenty of entertainment. (Snacks and drinks, hot and cold, are available on the vessel, which by the way, is fully air-con).

The route to Anambas typically includes a stop-over at Letung, the main town of Jemaja, after which the ferry sails on to Tarempa, considered the Anambas Islands' capital. This final hop from Letung to Tarempa usually takes about 1.5 hours. Once you're at the Tarempa ferry terminal, just make your way to Anambas Inn, no more than a few minutes' walk.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you're taking the ferry to Anambas around the December to February season, you may encounter service interruptions, due to sea and/or weather. The rest of the year, i.e. the March to October stretch, is typically fair, although the southwesterlies in this neck of the woods do at times generate a bit of a swell, especially during a squall.

For more information on the ferry to Anambas, including ticket rates, click "Ferry to Anambas"

Lastly, if you prefer to keep the actual traveling to Anambas a minimum, then taking the flight is recommended.


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